July 28, 2016

At some point in our lifetime, most of us will have been on a mission to either lose weight or gain weight.

Whether your goal is to get bigger or smaller, combining diet with exercise will almost certainly improve the outcome!

I’ve been told so many times that muscle weighs more than fat. No it doesn’t. 1kg of fat weighs the same as a 1kg of muscle which weighs the sam...

July 25, 2016


Water accounts for 45-70% of your total body mass and adequate hydration is vital to your performance, recovery and indeed your general health!

Whatever level of competition you compete at, and whatever your sport, you still need to be well-hydrated before, during and after exercise. Dehydration affects your mental as well as physical performance. Your br...

July 24, 2016

When you eat, is second only to what you eat, in terms of its effect on your performance and your recovery.

Three time zones are particularly important in terms of sports nutrition; the four hours leading up to your exercise, the exercise period itself and the two hours immediately after exercise.

Yes, what you eat for the rest of the day is important, yes what you ea...

July 23, 2016

Considering how seriously many people take their sport and how much they are willing to spend on new equipment in an attempt to etch out a little extra in performance, it’s surprising how little consideration the majority of sports men/women give to the food they eat, the amount they eat, and when they eat it!

Even at professional and semi-professional level, numerous...

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July 20, 2015

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